Spicy Korean Rice Cake Soup Image

Spicy Korean Rice Cake Soup

This fiery rice cake soup will warm you from the inside out - spicy, savory, and a little bit sweet. Inspired by his favorite elements of traditional Korean rice cake soup and spicy teokbokki, Chef Bill Kim created this iconic Urbanbelly OG dish affectionately remembered as the #15.

$3 PBR Drafts Promotion

$3 PBR Drafts

Get ready to celebrate because it's happy hour all day long! Enjoy an ice-cold PBR draft for just $3. Sip on your drink while you savor Chef Bill Kim's fiery favorites!

Hi-Fi Chicken & Beer Promotional Image

Hi-Fi Chicken & Beer

Have you tried Chef Bill Kim's latest creation? Straight from his newest concept, Hi-Fi Chicken & Beer in South Korea, it's his take on the classic Korean Fried Chicken, served on a bed of rice cakes, cabbage, and shredded nori and tossed in your choice of gochujang or soy garlic sauce. The best part? You can now enjoy it at Urbanbelly! Don't forget to pair it with a glass of ice-cold beer.

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